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We spoke with Summoners Era’s developer to discuss its continued success and latest update

Since its launch last year, Fansipan Limited’s fantasy-based idle RPG, Summoners Era, has established itself as something of a mini-hit in a genre dominated by big studio releases. In spite of the daunting prospect of going up against the likes of AFK Arena and Idle Heroes, Summoners Era has proven that there’s plenty of room for the little guy, achieving a rather impressive 1 million downloads since launch and securing a loyal following.

The key to its success so far, besides being a quality game with impressive visuals, is the developer’s continual efforts to deliver fresh and improved content for its fans. Summoners Era has just unveiled its latest update which, in celebration of International Women’s Day, adds its 135th hero to the game in the form of the beautiful but deadly heroine, Pasthera.

We spoke with the game’s creators to learn how Summoners Era has developed so far and what its fans can look forward to in future.How has Summoners Era performed since its launch and has it met with your expectations?

It’s been almost a year since Summoners Era was officially released, we are so happy that it has so much love from users around the world. Compared to how the game was at launch, it’s clear to see how much it’s improved in terms of graphics and gameplay. It’s good news that Summoners Era has reached 1 million dollars revenue at the end of 2020. However, we know we still have to work harder to meet our expectations for Summoners Era.

Which aspects of the game are you personally most proud of and why?

For the card game genre, the diversity of heroes plays a huge role in creating the gameplay, and we’re happy that Summoners Era had it from the beginning. Beside that, being able to create a game that the community loves with fun and comforting moments is what we’re most proud of.What is Summoners Era’s community like and in what ways has fan feedback helped shape the game?

Although there isn’t a huge amount of members in Summoners Era’s community, the quality is superb. They have great cohesion with each other and Summoners Era. Not just accepting what we bring to them, they also share lots of feedback about what is missing, what needs improvements and also sharing great ideas so that Summoners Era can be made even better. Actually, the recent balancing changes were all made according to user feedback and contributions. We’re happy that we always have the community to come along with.

What can you tell us about the game’s latest heroine and how can players obtain her?

In our newest update with the event to celebrate International Women’s Day, we introduce the 135th hero – Pasthera. Users can obtain her with the normal Hero Summoning feature, or participate in special events to obtain her.

Do you have anything planned in terms of future updates and can you give us any details of what these might include?

We’re about to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Summoners Era this May. In order to celebrate, a special event series will be prepared with lots of fun. We will also prepare events each month so that players won’t get bored. We are also working on new features and planning to release them soon. First with PvP 3vs3 in March to increase direct interaction and competition between users in-game. Some others, for example Hero Regression will also be released to optimize the usage of resources. Also, there will be at least 2 new heroes in the next Quarter, in order to increase the diversity of heroes and strategies of Summoners Era.

If you’re yet to give Summoners Era a try then you can find it to download for free for iOS and Android. To join the Summoners Era community, be sure to check out the official Facebook channel and Discord group.

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