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Summoners Era WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

SUMMONERS ERA is an Android game with a release date of 05/20/2020 from Fansipan Limited. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Summoners Era: TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)

The best heroes (S-level). At the moment, these heroes are considered the strongest in the Summoners Era. You will most likely be able to get their hands on them in the late to mid game stages. These include:

  • Abyss: Zyx.
  • Light: Xavier.
  • Dark: Morna, Zalidus, Hehta.

The best heroes (A-level). Their presence in the team is the key to success in battles:

  • Fire: Icarus, Arien, Eitri.
  • Abyss: Zygor.
  • Nature: Lass.
  • Light: Phalanx, Aris.

Good heroes (B-level). It is advisable to have these heroes starting from the middle stages of the game:

  • Water: Silene, Mist, Osse, Lashna.
  • Abyss: Stheno, Gorzodin, Skaven.
  • Nature: Wisecedar, Yang, Sylph.
  • Light: Entia, Alvar.
  • Dark: Maknok, Ranantos, Khann.

Medium-strength heroes (C-level). These heroes can come in handy as a team in the early stages of the game. But in the future, it is better to replace them with characters S, A and B.

  • Water: Raina.
  • Fire: Defronowe, Yin, Kitsune, Ungoliant, Khezzec.
  • Abyss: Erde.
  • Nature: Tilion, Yome, Huwang.
  • Light: Fanar, Seraphis, Odreus.
  • Dark: Vera.

Weak heroes (D-level). These characters did not meet the players’ expectations:

  • Water: Japulan, Assassiren, Adrian, Oceanee.
  • Fire: Bran, Sharon, Ifrit.
  • Abyss: En, Dzu-teh, Minimanser, Kargoth.
  • Nature: Lothiriel.
  • Light: Celes.
  • Dark: Juan, Dark Knight.

Summoners Era: Hero Leveling Guide

Classification. Heroes are divided into 6 factions: Water, Fire, Abyss, Nature, Light and Darkness. Each has its own class: Assassin, Priest, Wizard, Warrior, Wanderer. Distribution by faction is needed to form a combat party according to the containment system, and by class – to select fighters in accordance with their functions.

What heroes do you need to download? Be guided by the character’s initial stardom, since the stars determine the number of skills available to him, and therefore strength. Heroes reaching 5 stars or more can have 4 skills. Heroes whose ceiling is 4 stars have 3 skills.

The priority in leveling should always be on characters with 4 skills! Use our Tier List to select a team of the best heroes and provide them with uniform pumping!

Leveling up and evolution. With the growth of the level, the characteristics of the hero and his BM grow. Leveling requires EXP points (obtained in activities, mainly in the story campaign). Every 20 levels, the hero evolves with the help of an ancient potion (can be obtained in the quest tree and the Dragon Tower). The higher the character’s level, the more materials you need for pumping.

Try to pump your heroes evenly, to about the same level, so that all the fighters in the party are equal in strength.

Development of heroes. Development is an increase in the character’s stardom, its maximum level and skill parameters. Development requires a given number of heroes of the same faction, class and star rating. Upon reaching the maximum number of orange stars, the hero will continue to develop into purple stars. In this case, you will additionally need similar 5-star heroes.

For a massive increase in stardom use multi-evolution (the “Multi Evolve” button). With this function, you can automatically sort the required characters and quickly develop them by adding stars one by one.

Equipment. There are 4 types of equipment: weapons, helmet, armor and jewelry. Equipment is obtained in activities or forged in the forge. There are different stardom and quality: from blue with 2 stars to red with 6 stars. The equipment gives the hero an extra. an increase in performance. Its size depends on the quality and configuration of the equipment.

Full equipment of the same quality and stardom forms a suit that gives the maximum bonus to characteristics!

Artifact. It occupies the fifth slot in equipment and gives an increase to characteristics. There are many artifacts, they differ in quality and have different properties (including bonuses for a certain faction). They can be improved and added stardom by absorbing other artifacts.

The better the quality of the artifact, the higher its pumping threshold and material requirements. You can use upgraded artifacts to improve other artifacts. We recommend pumping only if there are enough resources to increase the stardom.

To determine the power of an artifact, look into the gallery from the bag. In the middle and late stages of the game, we recommend stocking up on several artifacts for each hero of the party to use them depending on the class of the enemy.

Runes. The rune is given to the character initially and is activated when he reaches level 40. The rune cannot be removed and changed. To increase the level of a rune, you need magic powder and gold. Also, the rune can be transformed by completely changing its properties.

As the level of the rune increases, its characteristics change! If you do not want to lose your current indicators and strive to increase them, do not forget to check the blocking of characteristics. Blocking will cost 100 gems.

Reset pumping. If necessary, you can reset the pumping of heroes to the 1st level and return to yourself the spent resources (including equipment and magic powder for runes). The reset cost is 10 gems.

Training heroes in the story campaign. Heroes of the 1st level with 1-3 stars can be sent for training in the story campaign. After 24 hours, this hero will level up. If you then reset his pumping, then you will return the EXP points and gold used in the training. Initially, there are 2 training slots available. As the level of the main account is pumped, new cells are opened.

Do not neglect the training of heroes. This is a great way to get the necessary resources for pumping for free.

Leveling up classes using Mastery. In the “Mastery” tab, the skills of the heroes that they possess depending on the class are improved: ATK, maneuverability, accuracy, HP and armor. To level up skills, you need mastery points (mostly mined in the arena) and gold. Leveling can be reset free of charge by clicking “Reset”. In this case, all spent skill points and gold will be returned to you.

Download the classes of those characters who are in the battle group! The skills themselves should be pumped evenly – so that they are all about the same level. Remember that the cost of pumping grows exponentially, and each new improvement gives less than the previous one.

Summoners Era: Secrets of the Forge

How to download stardom? In the forge, you can improve equipment and increase its stardom by absorbing similar low-level equipment. Moreover, the higher the stardom swings, the more materials will be needed.

You can only forge inventory that is in the bag and not worn by the hero.

The principle of “stairs” works in the forge: for example, first you forge purple equipment with 2 stars, then use it to forge with 3, with 4, and then get the highest orange equipment with 1 star and, if possible, forge farther. The Forge is a great way to get powerful gear using weaker items.

What can you forge? Weapons, armor, helmets and jewels are forged. For convenience, the equipment is sorted into its own tabs.

Red dots on the tabs and equipment indicate the possibility of reforging and improving your arsenal!

Summoners Era: Spellcasters Guide

What are they needed for? The caster is a support character in battle. Cannot be targeted (both for allies and enemy attacks). You can choose a caster before the battle from 5 suggested ones. There is a healer, an AoE fighter, an attacker, etc. Thus, with the help of the caster, it is possible to compensate for the lack of the desired fighter in the main party.

Leveling up spellcasters. Leveling up spellcasters is their evolution with the help of ancient books and gold. The evolved caster adds in stardom and improves his active and passive skills.

Spell casters

1. Malefica:

  • Deals damage to all enemies and reduces the target’s speed for 3 rounds;
  • Increases ATK, crit possibility. strike for all allies;
  • At the beginning of each match, 2 random allies have a chance to become invulnerable to all negative influences for 2 rounds;
  • Allies in position 4, 5 have a chance to block damage taken while being attacked by a basic attack or an active skill.

2. Bellator:

  • Deals damage to 4 random enemies and gets a chance to reduce the target’s ATK for 3 rounds;
  • Increases armor and HP for allies;
  • When all allies are subject to the effect of control, reduces the damage they take;
  • Allies in position 1, 2, 3 have a chance to block damage taken while being attacked by a basic attack or an active skill.

3. Vesta:

  • Deals damage to 3 random enemies and heals HP to 3 random allies;
  • Increases HP and speed for allies;
  • Increases resistance to control effects for allies;
  • At the beginning of each round, restores energy for allies.

4. Faber:

  • Deals damage to 2 random enemies and has a chance to apply the “bleed” effect to the target for 3 rounds.
  • Increases accuracy and maneuverability for allies;
  • Increases speed for allies;
  • When an ally’s attack becomes a critical hit, increases ATK to allies for 1 round. This effect can be cumulative.

5. Sagittarius:

  • Deals damage to 4 random enemies and has a chance to reduce the target’s armor by 3 rounds.
  • Increases ATK and critical strike damage for all allies.
  • When an ally attacks an enemy or uses a skill, it deals more damage to the target if it is affected by the crowd control effect.
  • Increases critical strike chance and critical strike damage for allies at positions 2, 4.

Summoners Era: Summoning is the main source of new heroes

The main appeal. In the main summon, 1-5 star heroes can be summoned for the basic summon scrolls. A free trial is available once a day. Hero drops:

  • 1-star – 58.5%;
  • 2-star – 29.25%;
  • 3-star – 9.75%;
  • 4-star – 2.43%;
  • 5-star – 0.04%.

Premium call. Requires a Premium Summon Scroll or Gems. You can summon 3-5-star heroes. For each premium call, you receive 1 call point. When you accumulate points to the desired value, you will get a random 5-star hero. A free call attempt is available once a day. Hero drops:

  • 3-star – 63.0%;
  • 4-star – 33.0%;
  • 5-star – 4.0%.

When you call x10 for gems, you can save money and make 2 calls for free. There is no discount for single calls for gems, as well as when spending scrolls.

Accumulated call. For 300 summoning points, you can get a 5-star hero in the accumulated summon. These heroes change and are offered in limited promotions. If you fail to collect points before the end of the current promotion, the accumulation progress is reset.

The best way to get a Hero in an Accumulated Summon is to save up Premium Summon Scrolls to use up when an event occurs.

Friendly appeal. Uses the hearts you get from friends. Each friendly call costs 30 hearts, and x10 call costs 300 hearts. You can get a 2-5 star hero. Drop Probabilities:

  • 2-star – 32.0%;
  • 3-star – 54.0%;
  • 4-star – 13.2%;
  • 5-star – 0.8%.

Summoners Era: Tips for Building a Squad

The main thing about battles. All battles in the game take place in auto battle mode. You are required to select a team of fighters based on their factions, decide on the formation and correctly calculate the BM of the squad.

To complete the activities, select the main team of the 5 strongest heroes and swing it. This is the most profitable way to spend resources.

Formations. The location of the heroes on the battlefield is possible in one of four formations. The caster does not participate in it. Formations are:

  • 1-4: 4 heroes in the first row and 1 in the second;
  • 4-1: 1 hero in the first row and 4 in the second;
  • 2-3: 3 heroes in the first row and 2 in the second;
  • 3-2: 2 heroes in the first row and 3 in the second.

In a battle formation, the heroes in front receive an additional increase to HP, and the heroes behind – an increase in ATK. Keep in mind that the final indicators of the combat parameters of the entire group depend on the selected formation and the heroes in it.

Always focus on the total BM of the squad (indicated at the top of the formation). Try different formations, swap heroes. Your task is to achieve the highest possible BM value.

Containment of factions. Any faction is superior to one and obeys the other. This effect is called “faction containment”. It gives 30% more damage and increases the power of the dominant faction by 15%. Faction containment is shown schematically below:

  • Water restrains Fire, but obeys the Abyss;
  • Fire restrains Nature, but obeys Water;
  • Nature restrains the Abyss, but obeys Fire;
  • The Abyss holds back Water, but obeys Nature;
  • Light and Darkness restrain and subjugate each other.

There is a lot of randomness in this game. Do not be discouraged when you lose, be sure to try to complete the battles several times!

Fan effect. You can get bonus attributes to the characteristics of a battle group if there are representatives of the same faction in it:

  • 5 characters of one faction: an increase for the whole group of 25% to ATK, HP and Armor.
  • 4 characters of the same faction: increase for the whole group by 20% to ATK, HP and Armor.
  • 3 characters of the same faction + 2 characters from the same faction: increase the whole group by 15% to ATK, HP and Armor.
  • 3 characters of one faction + 2 characters from other factions: an increase for the whole group by 10% to ATK, HP and Armor.
  • 5 characters from different factions: an increase for the whole group by 5% to ATK, HP and Armor.

The best effect is achieved when gathering 5 characters from the same faction in a party, but it is extremely difficult to achieve such a result. If you collect and download only some heroes, you will write others as outsiders, and this will certainly affect your victories. The easiest way is to download 5 heroes from different factions and collect them in one party.

The total BM of the squad does not take into account the effect of fans!

Communication effect. Some characters in the same party form a “bond” among themselves, which gives the heroes of their factions additional increases in parameters. You can see all possible bonding effects on the “Link” tab in the heroes menu.

Summoners Era: Getting the game started right. Quest 7 days

Which server should you choose? For beginners, it will be optimal to start the game on a new server. This will give you the following benefits:

  • TOPs. On the new server, it is easier to get into the ratings and take leadership positions in the arena to receive increased rewards;
  • Nice guild. You will quickly find yourself a strong guild from the TOP. On existing servers, it is much more difficult or even impossible to take a vacant place in the top guilds.
  • Many friends. You can add active players as friends, who, like you, will form their friends list. On existing servers, where most of the friends have already reached the limit, it is often necessary to add everyone indiscriminately, and this is ineffective for getting hearts.

To switch server, go to your account, click “Switch servers” and select the newest one. Be careful: on a new server, the game starts from the beginning.

When starting to play, don’t forget to link your account to your Google Play account. This will protect yourself from accidental loss of progress in the event of possible problems in the game.

Quest 7 days

All quest tasks are divided into 7 days, and as you complete them, you accumulate points to open reward chests. Opening the last chest will give you the 5-Star Hero Osse. We warn you from our own experience: without donation, you will not receive this hero and you will not pass the quest, because some tasks (starting from the 5th day) include a VIP level. Below is a list of tasks by day.

1 day:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p;
  • Complete Dragon Tower to Floor 40.
  • Complete Campaign Stage: Map 4, Stage 25, Normal.
  • Spin the wheel of fortune – 10 times;
  • Raise the level of 4 items.

2nd day:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p.;
  • Complete the guild dungeon – 1 p.;
  • Buy items on the Black Market – 1 p.;
  • Complete Wave 25 in the Dungeon.
  • Make 2 summons in the Ancient Tree.

All recurring quest tasks for completing activities (in the arena, in the dungeon, etc.) must be completed on the day the task opens! Otherwise, the execution will not be counted.

Day 3:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p.;
  • Rotate the wheel of fate 3 times;
  • Summon a daily boss – 1 p.;
  • Use a gold mine – 3 rubles;
  • Choose a formation other than 3-2 – 1 p.

Day 4:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p.;
  • Complete Campaign Stage: Map 5, Stage 30, Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Complete the guild dungeon – 1 p.;
  • Raise the level of skill – 4 rubles;
  • Challenge Adventure – 6 p.

Day 5:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p.;
  • Summon a daily boss – 1 p.;
  • Complete Wave 50 in the Dungeon.
  • Use a gold mine – 3 rubles;
  • Reach 3600 seconds with automatic machine. training in the campaign.

Day 6:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p.;
  • Complete Dragon Tower to Floor 150.
  • Raise the level of a legendary rune – 1 p.;
  • Complete the guild dungeon – 1 p.

Keep in mind that the items you need to buy to complete the quest will help you complete other quests.

Day 7:

  • Buy things;
  • Challenge the arena – 15 p.;
  • Use a gold mine – 3 rubles;
  • Complete Campaign Stage: Map 6, Stage 35, Difficulty: Difficult.
  • Summon a daily boss – 1 p.

Summoners Era: Story Campaign Guide

Stages. In the story campaign, you go through battles on maps, divided into stages. You can go to the next stage after winning the previous one. Some stages have level conditions, i.e. you will not be able to upgrade to them until you level up to these requirements. The battles themselves provide for 15 rounds per battle. If during this time you cannot defeat the enemy, then you will lose.

Difficulty types. There are 6 types of difficulty in the campaign, from the least to the greatest:

  1. Normal: 5 cards;
  2. Hard: 6 cards;
  3. Extreme: 7 cards;
  4. Nightmare: 8 cards;
  5. Crazy: 9 cards;
  6. Chaos: 10 cards.

Completing battles on maps of one type, you move on to the next. You can’t go back. Skip the difficulty type too. The opening of some activities of the game depends on the progress of the passage of the cards.

Incremental mode. In incremental mode, your characters continue to fight in the area, and receive gold, EXP points, experience for the main account, as well as new equipment. The higher the stage, the more rewards will be.

Incremental rewards accumulate up to 8 hours! Do not forget to pick them up on time, otherwise they will stop accumulating and the time of the regime will be wasted.

Fast battle. In order not to wait for the accumulation of incremental rewards, you can use fast battle up to 3 times a day: instant collection of rewards in 120 minutes of battles. The first attempt at a quick battle is free, then you will have to pay gems. Resource acquisition in a quick battle can be accelerated.

We recommend that you only use paid quick battle attempts in the middle and late stages of the game, when you have completed a significant number of stages and earn a lot of rewards in incremental mode.

Summoners Era: Arena Fights

The arena is PvP battles. Here you fight with teams of other players and get points called “units”. Based on the total of the collected units, you will receive a reward for the season. The arena season lasts a week. To participate in battles, you will need arena tickets. 1 ticket is automatically refilled every hour. Thus, you can fight 24 times a day.

Defense team. The defense team will reflect the attack of the opponents. If you win, you will add units to yourself. If you lose, they will be taken away from you. In a fiasco, you can take revenge on your opponents, but in most cases it’s a waste of time and tickets.

Do not accumulate tickets for the arena and do not wait for the “perfect opponent”. You will receive your rewards in any case, even if you lose.

The choice of the enemy. By clicking “Battle” you go to the choice of the enemy. Whenever possible, choose opponents with a smaller BM of the team. You can update the proposed list as often as you like and for free. You can also check the “Skip battle” checkbox – while there will be no battle, you will immediately see the result.

Battle rewards. In addition to units, for each battle you receive arena coins, skill points and arena shop experience. The latter is spent on increasing the level of the subject’s storage.

Seasonal awards. The seasonal rating is formed according to the number of units collected per season, and the players are distributed by league:

  • Senior Master: more than 3500 units, 1st place in the rating;
  • Subject: more than 3500 units, places in the rating from 2nd to 10th;
  • Master: more than 3500 units;
  • Diamond: 3000 – 3499 units;
  • Platinum: 2500 – 2999 units;
  • Gold: 2000 – 2499 units;
  • Silver: 1500 – 1999 units;
  • Bronze: 1000 – 1499 units;
  • Iron: from 999 units.

Your Seasonal Reward is Mastery Points and Arena Coins. Their size will depend on the league you are in. You will also be gifted with a special avatar frame that displays your league.

Summoners Era: Dungeon Walkthrough

Battles. 5 characters can enter the dungeon, and each of them must fight – playing as one hero will not work. If the hero loses the battle, he will not be able to take part in the next battle. The dungeon has several difficulty levels. Progress is saved every 50 waves. The next time you enter, you start the battle from the last save point.

Characters selected to the team cannot be pumped (by level, star rating, equipment, runes) until the end of the battle cycle. Health is not restored in the dungeon. That is why it is best to start battles with healers who can heal themselves. It is better to leave other characters for later and use the HP increase buffs on them.

Winning. You receive one of the rewards for successfully passing the wave:

  • Resource chest;
  • Potion;
  • Strengthening the characteristics of heroes (one of three to choose from) – every 10 winning battles;
  • Possibility to purchase goods from a merchant.

Shopping from a merchant. Sometimes a merchant is found in the underground. You can buy various goods from him for precious stones. Depending on the offer, the merchant is junior, middle and senior.

Keep in mind: the merchant’s prices are quite high. Evaluate the expediency of the purchase, compare the prices of the merchant with the prices in stores.

Summoners Era: Dragon Tower Walkthrough

The Dragon Tower has 500 floors, where you fight enemies and receive gold and an ancient potion for the evolution of heroes as a reward. On every 5th floor, you can pick up increased rewards: premium summon scrolls, stones of fate, etc. The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies, but as a rule, after one difficult battle, a couple of simple ones follow, so do not be afraid to try to go through the floor several times.

See the battle records of other players about their passage through difficult floors. Their experience can be helpful.

How to enter the tower?You need tower tickets to enter. 1 ticket is refilled every 30 minutes. You can accumulate 20 tickets in total. If there is a shortage, tickets can be bought for precious stones.

Be sure to spend your tickets! Do not allow them to burn.

Summoners Era: Guild Guide

What do you need to know when choosing a guild? It is important to be in an active guild. Pay attention to the list of members and their last time online. If the majority did not appear in the game for several days, then this guild is dead and needs to be changed. Don’t be fooled by high ranks in a weak guild. This is a road to nowhere: it is better to be an ordinary member in a strong guild than a “boss” in a weak one.

When entering the guild hall, do not forget to click “Register”. This will increase your daily guild experience and earn guild coins.

Daily boss of the guild. You can fight the boss once every day. The more damage you do, the better your reward will be. The battle is limited to 15 rounds. If the guild manages to defeat the current boss, then the next one will open: stronger and with better rewards.

Place a team against the boss in a 4-1 formation with heroes that deal damage on one target. It is better to choose Faber as the spellcaster.

Guild dungeon bosses.The dungeon season lasts a week. All guild members need to fight the dungeon boss to get into the guild damage rating. The player has 2 battle attempts per day. Battles are limited to 15 rounds. Just like in the guild boss, the amount of damage is important here, so choose the right formation and heroes. When the current boss is destroyed, the guild moves on to the next one.

In the seasonal ranking of the dungeon, you can track the best guilds on the server.

Guild War. Here guilds fight each other and accumulate rating points. According to the number of points at the end of the season, a rating of guilds is compiled for issuing rewards. One season lasts 4 weeks. At the registration stage, each member of the guild can apply for participation and put up their own defense team. During the defense phase, the guild leader or his deputy chooses from those who have applied for those players whose teams will take part in the war.

If you don’t create a defense team, you won’t be able to join the war! In the future, it will not be possible to change the composition of the team.

Guild Storage – Shop. Artifacts can be bought in the guild shop, including random legendary artifacts. When the store level rises, the purchase limit is reset and the quality of the assortment improves.

Shopping in the guild store is the best way to purchase the necessary artifacts or pump existing ones.

Summoners Era: Daily Quests and Achievements

Daily quests. For completing daily quests, gems, premium scrolls, fortune stones, gold and shards of heroes are given. These things are always needed, so do not forget to completely close the daily tasks. Their types:

  1. Buy items on the black market – 1 p.;
  2. Complete 9 daily quests in a day;
  3. Summon 2 times;
  4. Use a gold mine – 2 rubles;
  5. Complete 3 Tavern Quests.
  6. Challenge the arena – 2 p.;
  7. Receive incremental rewards 2 times in the campaign;
  8. Challenge Adventure – 3 p.;
  9. Summon a daily boss – 1 p.;
  10. Raise the level of 2 items;
  11. Send a friend’s score – 5 p.

Quest tree. In addition to daily quests, the game has a quest tree. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that each new task follows from the previous one. While there are 3 active quest tree tasks:

  1. Travel entrance;
  2. Conquest;
  3. Infinite.

Many rewards can be won in the quest tree: from gold to rare leveling materials. The tasks themselves are largely aimed at developing in the game and achieving the desired threshold for passing activities.

Achievements. The Quest Loop in the Archive menu is a great tool for earning additional rewards. Consists of 5 sections, each with achievements, for the completion of which you can pick up fragments, scrolls and other prizes.

  • “Power Link” tasks. Focused on the formation of a squad of heroes of different factions and classes, as well as their pumping.
  • Tasks “Life and Death”. Character development tasks.
  • Assignments “Summoning strategy”. Tasks for completing calls of various types, incl. in the ancient tree.
  • Quests “Extremely difficult test”. Tasks for passing game activities.
  • Assignments “Other”. Achievements in other non-core activities of the game.

Watch the red dots opposite the activity names. These are hints about what you can do in the game at the moment. Cover the red dots in time to prevent the burning of rewards.

Summoners Era: The Importance of Friends

Only from friends can you receive hearts for a friendly call. You also send hearts to your friends. To do this, go to the “Friends” tab and click “Receive and Send”. Friends limit is 30 players.

How do I add and remove friends? Friends can be searched for (magnifying glass) or recruited in chat. All add requests are displayed on the Friend Request tab. Keep track of the account level of the players whose requests you want to approve. It is best to accept players of the same level or higher as friends – these people are definitely interested in the game, active and will send you hearts.

Your friends list must be up to date. Clean it from those who rarely appear on the net. To delete a friend, click on his avatar in the list, then on the bucket and confirm the deletion.

Friendly duel. You can challenge your friend to a friendly fight by clicking the sword icon opposite his name in the list. You will not receive any rewards for winning a friendly match.

A friendly duel is a great opportunity to test your fighting skills and techniques before a real battle.

Boss friend. For defeating the bosses of friends, you can get gold, gems and hearts. To call the boss, click the icon with a shield and crossed swords in the friends menu. During battles, energy (meat) is consumed, which is replenished over time. If you cannot win, friends can come to your aid.

You can also support your friends in battle if you see a boss icon opposite your friend’s name – this means that a friend needs help. Keep in mind that you can summon or fight a new boss of a friend no earlier than 8 hours after defeating the previous one. Based on the results of the struggle, the server damage rating is formed. The size of the awards that come by mail depends on the place in it.

Summoners Era: Ancient Tree and Hero Change

Thanks to the Ancient Tree, you can summon the heroes of the faction you need. To do this, you need an item – an ancient relic. You can summon 1 time, you can immediately 10. Note: there are no discounts here, for 10 summons you will spend 10 ancient relics. For every Ancient Relic you spend, you receive a reward – Agtiz’s Blessing.

Change of hero. In the Ancient Tree menu, you can change one hero of the selected faction to another. The exchange uses the blessing of Agtiz, which you earn by spending ancient relics. If you are satisfied with the exchange, click “Save”, if not, click “Cancel”.

If you cancel the exchange, then the Agtiz blessings spent on it will not be returned to you! In order not to accidentally exchange the desired hero, do not forget to block them. Heroes involved in the arena cannot be exchanged.

Summoners Era: Walkthrough Adventure

Adventures are battles for rewards. There are 2 free attempts per day for each adventure. Gems are paid for the usual entrance. If you lose, the attempt does not burn. There are 3 types of adventures:

  1. Golden Adventure. The reward is gold;
  2. Adventure potion. Reward – experience potion and magic powder;
  3. A piece of adventure. The reward is hero fragments.

Battles and Limitations. Adventures have difficulty levels that unlock as you progress through the main story campaign. The higher the level, the greater the reward on it. The battle itself consists of 15 rounds, a skip of the battle is available: automatic transition to the results.

Take part in adventures and go as far as possible, spending all attempts. There are very good awards here.

Summoners Era: Timed Events

Events are limited in time and are aimed at achieving results in specific activities of the game. So you get double rewards: for the activity itself and for participating in the event. These are great deals, don’t forget to keep track of them! To participate in temporary events, click on “Missions”.

We recommend that you have a stock of thematic items (scrolls, etc.) for use during events.

Authorization. Standard beginner event for the first 7 days of the game. Go to “Missions” and check in without missing days. Among the prizes in Authorization there are premium summons scrolls.

Also, don’t forget to receive daily rewards for logging into the game! Here you can pick up gems, boosters and equipment. To get prizes, click “Register” on the main screen.

Summoners Era: Tavern Missions

In the tavern, tasks are given for the heroes. They differ in the number of stars: the more stardom, the more difficult the requirements for the heroes, the longer the lead time and the more valuable the reward. Gems can be paid to complete the quest immediately, however this is not a profitable waste of premium currency. The list of quests is updated every day, but you can also update it manually – for 50 gems.

Requirements for heroes. Each task has its own requirements for the number of heroes, their stardom, class and faction. You can click “autocomplete” to automatically pick up characters to complete. One hero can only complete one quest. This does not affect his participation in other activities.

It is important to have different heroes in your collection in order to send them on assignments in a timely manner.

Additional tasks. Using quest scrolls (regular and premium), you can add additional quests to the tavern. Premium scrolls create an additional 4-7 star quest, regular scrolls create a 1-7 star quest.

Summoners Era: Spin the Wheel

You can try your luck spinning the magic wheel to get prizes. There are 2 types of wheel:

  • Wheel of Fortune;
  • The wheel of fate.

The wheel of fortune . Use the wheel of fortune to win various fragments, items and resources. For each spin you receive a Fortune Stone. You can spin once, or you can make 10 spins at once, which is beneficial, since 2 attempts will be free.

Keep in mind that items and equipment won once cannot be taken a second time without updating the assortment. You can manually update the wheel prize pool using a gem. Free spins are available every 8 hours. You can accumulate 3 free attempts in total.

The wheel of fate. The wheel of fate offers more valuable rewards: unique fragments, items and resources. Here you can also make 10 spins at a time, but there will be no discount. The prize pool can be manually updated using a gem. Free spins are available every 8 hours. You can accumulate 3 free attempts, then they will start to burn out.

Summoners Era: Game currencies. How to increase them?

Types of currencies. There are two types of currencies in the game:

  1. Gold is the main currency;
  2. Gems are premium and donated currency. You can get it in activities, events, promotions or purchase.

What is a gold mine? Here you can collect gold once a day for free. Its amount depends on the level of the account. You can also exchange precious stones for gold, but this is not a profitable waste of premium currency, especially in the early stages of the game.

How do I get gems? There are many ways:

  1. Complete daily quests;
  2. Take part in promotions and missions;
  3. Collect awards for achievements (“Archive” button);
  4. Watch videos – 5 videos are available per day;
  5. Take prizes from the “Daily Packages” tab of the store;
  6. If you are a donator, buy a subscription.

Summoners Era: Shopping Guide

To go to the in-game stores, click “Black Market” on the main screen. There are 4 tabs here:

  1. Black market. You can purchase ammunition, gems, premium scrolls and other items;
  2. Tomb storage. Selling fragments for soul stones;
  3. Test subject storage. Selling equipment and tickets to the arena for arena coins;
  4. Soul shop. Selling fragments for the souls of heroes.

What to buy in stores? Your shopping list should look something like this:

  • Tickets for the arena are required. Tickets should always be in stock. You buy them in the subject’s storage without losing anything, because for any battle in the arena (even a losing one) you get the same number of coins;
  • We take equipment for gold. This is especially important when you are unable to assemble a complete hero costume or forge the desired item in the forge;
  • We take the scrolls for precious stones. Buying Premium Summon Scrolls on the Black Market is cheaper than Solo Summons for Gems;
  • Heroes – we look at the best. Thanks to our Tier List, you now know which heroes should be in the group. If you see them in the store, feel free to take them. Ideally, your fighters should have the link effect activated.

You should not take items from stores to spin the wheel, exchange heroes, buy new quests in the tavern, etc. You can get these things for free in activities.

Range update and limit. Each store is automatically updated in its own time, and the tomb storage can be updated only forcibly using soul stones. There is a limit of 1 item for all purchases, i.e. you cannot buy the same item 10 times. The limit is reset when the assortment is updated.

Why upgrade your stores? The higher the level of a particular store, the cooler goods you can buy in it. Also, at the new level, the purchase limit is reset ahead of schedule. Leveling up requires Shop XP, which you earn in the corresponding activities.

Summoners Era: Donatim Right

To get to the donation section, click “Store”. Here you will find item sets, gems and more. For your purchase you get VIP points to increase your VIP level.

VIP system. Having a VIP level gives players the following set of bonuses:

  • Powerful 5-6 star gear.
  • Monthly bonus rewards, incl. shards of heroes and scrolls of premium summons;
  • Additional time for the Idle reward;
  • Gold bonus from Idle reward;
  • Bonus EXP points of the character from the Idle reward;
  • Additional training slots;
  • Bonuses for quests in the tavern;
  • Additional daily purchases of Adventure attempts;
  • Daily purchased bonus for the Stone of Fortune;
  • Gold bonus in the Gold Mine;
  • Additional daily purchased tickets to the arena;
  • Additional rounds of quick combat.

There are 12 VIP steps in total. The higher your level, the greater the amount of privileges you will receive from the game.

Promotions. For donators, temporary promotions for the purchase of sets of items are constantly starting. Stay tuned for updates and check offers – as a rule, here you can save a lot and buy a lot of useful things.

For your first purchase, you get a free bonus – a 5-star hero and high-end gear.

The main types of donation:

  1. Subscriptions. The system of accumulative daily receipt of precious stones. Their size depends on the type of subscription. This is a profitable donation for a stable replenishment of premium currency.
  2. Daily / weekly / monthly packages. Updating offers for the purchase of sets of items with gems and materials for pumping. The number of purchases is limited.
  3. Purchase a premium pass. For leveling up you get free hero fragments. With the purchase of a premium pass, premium scrolls will be added to the rewards (5 for each achievement). Summoning scrolls will always be needed, so purchasing a pass is a good investment.
  4. Gem kits. Common acquisition of gem sets. The first time you purchase each set, you get double the size.

Summoners Era: Conclusion

We liked Summoners Era. Its undoubted advantages are good graphics and speed of the gameplay. The game does not take much time, it is perfect for a pleasant pastime. The process of pumping heroes is not difficult, and the variety of activities will not make you bored.

Cons of the game: periodic freezes, bugs and lack of a storyline. In some places we have not seen the Russian translation. In general, the game turned out to be entertaining and has every right to take its rightful place among other representatives of this genre.

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